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Therapies and Research for Macular Degeneration

Because of the magnitude of the problem, considerable effort is being directed towards the development of treatment and prevention strategies. Continue reading Therapies and Research for Macular Degeneration

Affirming Your Child’s Abilities

Someone, years ago, gave me a funny children’s picture book entitled “Where’s the Baby?” by Patricia Hutchins. It struck me like a two-by-four and offers me a vision of parenting that I wish I could sear in my brain — and my heart.

The book is quite simple. There are only four characters: Grandma, Ma, sister Hazel and Baby. (They are green monsters.) Baby essentially goes mischievously from room to room eluding discovery and leaving a wake of mess and destruction. He leaves footprints on the floor and handprints on the wall. He covers every surface, empties every drawer, spills red paint all over and damages furniture. He overflows the tub and stuffs the toilet with toys. Continue reading Affirming Your Child’s Abilities