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Trisha’s Journal: Week 10. Part 3

Armand’s Reply

It’s great you had some weight loss. Good job! Also, I am glad to hear that you feel significantly better after exercising. That’s a good sign that your body is looking forward to the activity. Continue reading Trisha’s Journal: Week 10. Part 3

Mandie’s Journal, Part 2

You broke the 200 mark. Congrats! Please fill in the top of your food diary with your name and weight each week. How many calories are in the oatmeal raisin bars? They may be low fat, and get you by in a pinch (better than the other junk around you at work), but you must be careful about the non-fat calories also. Continue reading Mandie’s Journal, Part 2

Herniated Disc Medications

Drug treatment is often used to treat pain caused by a herniated disc. Drug treatment does not cure a herniated disc, but reduces inflammation and pain and allows a person to begin an exercise program that will strengthen the stomach and back muscles. Continue reading Herniated Disc Medications