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Secrets to Success as a Fit Mom

We all know it can be difficult to find time to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle especially when children and family are involved. Here are some secrets to keep motivated and to successfully balance exercise and family life. Continue reading Secrets to Success as a Fit Mom

Mandie’s Journal, Part 2

You broke the 200 mark. Congrats! Please fill in the top of your food diary with your name and weight each week. How many calories are in the oatmeal raisin bars? They may be low fat, and get you by in a pinch (better than the other junk around you at work), but you must be careful about the non-fat calories also. Continue reading Mandie’s Journal, Part 2

Mandie’s Journal, Part 1

Yes I do have to pass the junk food, but at least it’s not in my office. I can’t cover it up, and even if I did that would mean getting close to it. So far, maintaining my distance from that area has proven effective. Continue reading Mandie’s Journal, Part 1

Preventing Back Pain

All the things that promote good health — regular exercise, a good diet and not smoking — generally help maintain a healthy back. You can help prevent muscle strains by learning the best way to sleep, sit, stand and lift. Continue reading Preventing Back Pain

Exercising to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a goal of countless people, yet many concentrate all their efforts on dieting while ignoring the benefits of exercise. In fact, burning calories through physical activity is probably more important than consuming fewer calories.

Continue reading Exercising to Lose Weight