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Tai Chi Chien Learning the 32 Sword Form

Seven of us hurry toward our tai chi class, all of us discretely carrying straight swords in cases originally meant for lacrosse sticks or shotguns. We are learning the final moves in the 32 Form Yang style straight sword routine — a routine that was standardized by the Chinese National Sport Committee. Continue reading Tai Chi Chien Learning the 32 Sword Form

The New Breed Post 2

Other chiropractors have only dabbled with complementary therapy. The healing benefits of integrating or expanding your practice with homeopathy and nutrition are incredible. To attract the new kind of cash paying customer, we must produce results with a wide variety of conditions. This can only be achieved through synergy. Otherwise this wave of new patients will pass us by, looking for a doctor who is better equipped to handle the diverse conditions plaguing our society. Continue reading The New Breed Post 2