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Finding the Right Childcare, Part 2

A setting that keeps your child safe and healthy.
Activities that are suited to your child’s stage of growth and that help the child develop mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.
Many experts in the field agree that finding out if a caregiver meets Labensohn’s three-part test requires a lot of parental effort. If a commercial day care facility or family day care home best meets your needs, experts say, then visit several times to observe the facility during different parts of the day — and ask a lot of questions. Continue reading Finding the Right Childcare, Part 2

Smart Homes. Part 2


Of course, few of us today have such capabilities – and we wonder if we’d be able to use it even if it were available. After all, how many of us could manage that “remote control for the home” when we find ourselves stymied by the typical 50-button VCR remote control?

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