Sharon Howard’s Evaluation and Plan for Steve. Part 2

You should be consuming 45 fat grams a day. Your original diet was probably around 80 to 90 fat grams. Your new diet plan is also too high in carbohydrates and too low in protein. Lunch needs to be more satisfying?make a sandwich with lean meat?or get a low fat sandwich made at the deli instead of the hoagie. Hold the cheese and butter, please.

Cereal will not give you enough protein at lunch and you will be left quite hungry three hours later. The protein is important not only for satiety, but also to keep your muscle mass in place and to allow for increasing muscle mass with your exercise program. You need at least 8 ounces of lean protein a day. So, don?t cut down your amount of meatballs at dinner, just try to eat less red meat to reduce the fat (like turkey meatballs or chicken chunks in the sauce), and eat less noodles, but continue to eat 6 ounces of protein rich food at dinner.

You lead a very busy, stressed life, and carbohydrates and alcohol help you calm and soothe your nerves. This will always be a challenge to your waistline, so it is wise to just gradually reduce the alcohol intake.

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