Program Elements

Cardiovascular activity. To successfully complete the program and enter in the final drawing for prizes, participants must perform cardiovascular activity three times a week, 30 minutes each session, for six months. Cardiovascular activity is defined as any exercise that involves sustained, rhythmic activity and can be performed continuously, such as running, walking, swimming, etc.

Hang time. Successful completion of one week’s worth of cardiovascular activity equals 90 minutes of hang time. Hang time is the term given to the total amount of time the participant exercises. Each participant must achieve at least 90 minutes per week to be able to count that week’s hang time (30 minutes for three days equals 90 minutes of hang time). Each participant is credited with no more than 90 minutes per week to make it fair for everyone, although added duration is recommended and encouraged.

Club Air Weekly Record. The program is based on the merit system. Participants record their results on the “Club Air Weekly Record” each week for six months. There is also a weekly Club Air Record that lists the participants’ lift-off date (the date that each participant started the program) and the amount of hang time each person has accumulated. Participants are asked to mark each day of the week that they complete 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. There is a new chart with the participant’s name on it each week. To enter the program, new participants simply add their name to the chart so they are included on the Club Air Weekly Record for the following week (members are eligible to enter the program when they wish throughout its six months).

Participant goals. Each participant’s goal is to accumulate the most hang time in the six-month program.

First place prize for Club Air includes dinner for two. Second place prize is a gift certificate to a sporting goods store. If needed, a random drawing takes place to choose the winners from those who qualifty. All participants who attain 1,080 hang-time minutes attain Club Air member status and are eligible to purchase a Club Air T-shirt for $5.

Club Air membership status is important, as it permits members to participate in the next Club Air program (July to December 2011). If they have not yet completed the requirements by July, they can finish it at any time.

It may take some people a longer time to reach their goal than others. However, everyone has the opportunity to earn membership status, even if they finish in November. Club Air is an ongoing program that allows new members to become eligible for membership into the program as long as they complete the requirements.