Paddling To Cumberland Island. Part 2

There is a great history within these shores and depending on what end of the island you visit, the story may vary. However, if your guides are George Morris, an experienced kayaker, NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) graduate and just a “happy to be here” kind of guy; and Michael Lumpkin, trip leader, motivational speaker and the ultimate meal-time creator, you learn more about the people, places and wildlife of Cumberland Island than any book would ever tell you.

In fact, Saturday morning after a breakfast of silver-dollar size flap jacks and oil-like coffee, our group slapped on the maximum strength combination of sunscreen and insect repellent, grabbed our backpacks and headed out for an early morning hike.

With our interest piqued by stories told the night before, we followed George and Michael down the winding river trail to the ruins of Dungeness, a mansion built in 1884 by Thomas and Lucy Carnegie.

As we passed under the thick, crooked oaks and hardwood trees, Morris and Lumpkin intrigued us with their own translation of island history and folklore. George even introduced us to the various insects and bugs that lay hidden beneath salty leaves and broken tree limbs.

Coming out of the forest, we made our first stop along this island trail at the Ice House. (No beer here, in fact there is not a store anywhere on the island.) Used in the 1800’s for just what the name implies, the Ice House exhibits and illustrates the island’s rich history. From the Natives to the Spanish discovery to the British occupation in the early 1700’s to the Revolutionary War and to the now infamous Carnegie family, you can see how this island became a well-preserved and protected southern treasure.

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