Multiple Bee or Wasp Stings

If you (or someone you are with) are swarmed by bees or wasps and suffer multiple stings, it would be best to call 911 immediately or get to an emergency facility.

Signs and symptoms:

swelling, redness and pain
headache, muscle cramps and fever
drowsiness or loss of consciousness
A person allergic to bee or wasp stings can experience:

rapid swelling of the tongue, throat, eyes or lips
difficulty breathing
cramping and numbness
severe itching, hives or a reddish rash
dizziness or loss of consciousness
While waiting for medical help to arrive:

Watch for the symptoms of shock.

If an emergency kit containing epinephrine is available, administer the drug (except for elderly people or someone with a heart condition). If the stinger is still in the skin.

scrape it out with a knife, the edge of a credit card or a fingernail; do not use tweezers or push on the stinger, which may squeeze more poison into the skin.