Mandie’s Journal, Part 1

Yes I do have to pass the junk food, but at least it’s not in my office. I can’t cover it up, and even if I did that would mean getting close to it. So far, maintaining my distance from that area has proven effective.

This week was OK for diet, and great for exercise! I did go grocery shopping, but then wasn’t home for three nights to use the materials for dinner or lunch the next day. One day I brought a sandwich in, and for the other days, I ate the low-fat oatmeal raisin bars that are in the second half of the week. They are 2.5 grams of fat each, but that doesn’t fit in the form field, so for breakfast they are 2 grams of fat and for lunch they are 3.

In the sweets area, I am still eating more than most people, I’m sure, but still keeping it to pretty much once a day. This is huge improvement! Before when I would cut down on sweets, it would last about a week or two. (My dentist’s name is Dr. Willy Wonka. Have you heard of him?)

The best part of my week was the exercise! Armand will be so proud, finally some real effort! I worked out at the YMCA with my sister two evenings and played walleyball with some coworkers for two hours on Thursday. Talk about a good workout!

I would highly recommend this indoor form of volleyball for exercise. It’s great socially, and the time flies by! I told the guy who organizes it to sign me up every week! I am under 200 pounds! I weigh 198.

Talk to you next week!