Enhancing Relaxation and Chi with Tai Chi

Relaxation is not a luxury. Rather, it is a necessity. In the midst of a busy day, a sip of relaxing tea will do very well to relax the stressed out nervous system. Practicing the breathing exercises of Tai Chi will boost relaxation even further.

Tai Chi Chuan is a walking meditation. You don’t need to spend extra time to practice, if you can’t find the extra time. Simple movements based on the Tai Chi Chuan philosophy are sufficient, as long as you perform them regularly. Master Mantak Chia and Juan Li in The Inner Structure of Tai Chi suggested practicing the so-called “enlightening smile.”

There are basically three philosophies in the “enlightening smile” practice. First of all, consciousness should be focused on a specific part of the body.

The second point is to send off your inner smile to that body part. And at last, the point is to focus on how the specific body part smiles back to you and how you experience the gratitude.